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Комплектовщик заказов 1000/1200 SE

Комплектовщик заказов 1000/1200 SE


The TOYOTA Optio 1000SE & OPW1200SE order picking range is designed for medium-level order picking in narrow aisle storage systems. These versatile trucks can be used with aisle guidance systems or as free-ranging trucks.

The TOYOTA Optio model 1000SE is equipped with an initial lift while the model TOYOTA Optio 1200SE is equipped with a walk through solution. Capacities are 1000 & 1200 kg respectively. Both machines are available with a duplex mast enabling picking heights of 6,6 m.

Both trucks feature the TOYOTA Optipace system, which electronically optimizes speed, acceleration and braking based on the lift height for maximum performance and safety.


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