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VRE150 / VRE125SF

VRE150 / VRE125SF

Designed for pallet handling in very narrow aisles, the TOYOTA Veflex range offers AC power for outstanding performance in intense applications. The ergonomically designed driver compartment provides excellent comfort for optimum productivity. The steering wheel, controls and seat can all be adjusted to suit the requirements of every driver.

Performance settings such as travel speed, acceleration and steering sensitivity are fully programmable, allowing customisation to meet the needs of individual applications and drivers. PIN code access prevents unauthorised use, and the log-out time can be set for different conditions.

The Veflex VRE features a turret head fork system with rotating forks. A selection of chassis sizes lets you configure the machine to suit your operation. Maximum load capacity is 1500 kg, and lift heights up to 11 metres are available.

The Veflex VRE SF is equipped with shuttle forks for high speed lateral handling requiring minimum aisle widths. Maximum load capacity is 1250 kg, with lift heights up to 11.3 metres.

Обслуживание и продажа узкопроходных штабелеров для складских помещений.


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Технические характеристики

Грузоподъемность кг 1500/1250
Общий вес кг 5029/4630
Колесная база мм 1692/n/a
Тип двигателя электрический
Максимальная скорость км/ч 14
Дорожный просвет мм 64/60
Общая ширина мм 1270/1375
Общая длина мм 3175/2740
Максимальная высота подъема мм 6100/6400
Скорость подъема с грузом/без груза мм/с 400/500
Скорость опускания с грузом/без груза мм/с 500/480